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Subject: Parsing is grinding to a halt
Author: kintaro
Date: 07/18/2008 01:34
I'm a new HTTrack user (v3.42-2), and I'm using it to mirror the forums section
of a site. The mirroring process has been going on for almost 3 hours and it
looks like the actual downloading has all but finished -- just the occasional
new page is found every few minutes. But less than 5% of them have been
parsed! HTTrack is taking longer and longer to check the links of each page
against the files that have already downloaded -- in the past hour it's only
parsed 3 or 4 pages!


Saved: 1.28Gb
Time: 2h 49m
Links scanned: 300/7409 (+7447)
Files written: 7411

At this rate it will take days or even weeks to complete!

My PC isn't especially slow -- I'm running an uncluttered and recently
defragmented version of Windows XP on an Athlon 2800 with 1Gb of RAM. There's
no computer slowdown while this is happening, and I can't hear much hard drive
activity. Task Manager confirms that WinHTTrack is using very little of the

The relevant section of the FAQ (
doesn't explain why this should happen. The pages are recognised as HTML
instantly (it says "In progress: Parsing HTML file"), so what might the
problem be?
Thanks in advance.

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