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Subject: Re: download project
Author: JQP
Date: 07/23/2008 22:53
Hi William, thanks for your reply.

I didn't explain what I need out of the naming convention very well, maybe
because the form can follow the function so I'm somewhat flexible.  The
structure you describe is different from what I was describing, but would
actually be superior to what I described and fit my needs better.  So yes,
let's go with your description.

Now to the hard part, I'm afraid I have no idea what your explanation meant! 
:)  I'm going to look it over and see if I can figure it out, starting with
the assumption that you're describing an entry for the "user-defined" option
of HTTrack's build tab.

If you (or anyone else) wants to dumb your explanation down for me in the
meantime I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again.

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