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Subject: Mirror Error
Author: Gfreed
Date: 11/21/2008 21:40
I've followed all the instruction and read through many posts and i'm just not
sure what is going on here. No matter what i do i get the following error;

Httrack has detected that the current mirror is empty. If it was an update,
the previous mirror has been restored. Reason: the first page(s)either could
not be found, or a connection problem occurred. >Ensure that the website still
exists, and/or check your proxy settings <

The only thing i can think of as being wrong are the proxy settings. I'm not
even sure why proxy settings are being used here. I'm not using a proxy server
for anything. I'm using a Linksys router so i'm assuming that i need to use
the routers ip and not my Comcast ip as the proxy ip?. Do i have to port
forward my router? I'm also using firefox. Are there any special settings

Any ideas i'm lost!

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