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Subject: Re: Mirror Error
Author: InformalReply
Date: 11/25/2008 18:35

You are not the only user with this issue. I have noticed a number of same
issues by other users in other messages on this forum and they also had no
luck in resolving this issue.

WinHTTrack (v3.43 , v3.42) also does not work on my system (Vista 32). I am
stumped because this is the only Internet application that *claims* it cannot
connect to the Internet. 

I have verified that it is definitely connecting to the internet and even
receives data back (many KBytes) by looking at my firewall logs.

It would seem that the fault WinHTTrack is reporting is incorrect or it is
deaf to the IP responses from the Internet or something else is wrong.

I had no problems running this program with Win XP.

Greets ~InformalReply

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