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Subject: WinHTTrack MD5 hashes
Author: zone
Date: 12/19/2008 05:27
Hello I'm zone...sorry for my english first
This is the first time for me on HTTForum and I want ask you an important
question abount the software
I have just downloaded WinHHTrack last realease from your web-site because I
think its a good program. I download both version with and without installer
but I don't find in the Zip archive or in a setup folder something about the
hashes of WinHTTrack. I calculate some codes (MD5 + SHA1 + CRC32) with a XP
program but I don't find in the program files and on your website the
possibility to comparison. 
I use hashes for verify the integrity of files that i download from web
(verify that the program has not been corrupted or tampered during the
So this is the reason why i am asking your support:
can you please public or give me the hashes like MD5 or/and SHA1, etc... for
your program files?I hope you answer me as soon as possible
Thanks in advance and sorry for the length of the topic

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