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Subject: Re: WinHTTrack MD5 hashes
Author: zone
Date: 12/20/2008 20:56
> AT the bottom of the download page is a link to the
> source.  You could always build your own.

Thank you for the "information" Mr. Roeder....ehm....but my question was
I am not a developer, I would only be sure about the program downloaded from
the web. Just for my security that the program is the same (not corrupt) of
I think that I do not ask the moon do you think so? 
Hashes code are like FBI secrets? 
I think also that a program developer (a serious one) like WinHTTrack first of
all must take care about the security of the users: simply calculate the
hashes of the file and public for download, to prevent bad individuals infect
PCs. A lot of developers  make this. 
In any case If you cannot not
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