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Subject: Link Inclusion/Exclusion Priorities?
Author: StArSeEd
Date: 04/26/2002 08:57
Is there a way to prioritize link inclusions and 
exclusions?  If it's as simple as I think it is (ie, 
excludes override includes or last matching rule takes 
precedence), then I believe I've found a bug.  *checks 
help file*  Yep, definitely a bug.  Latter rule wins.  
I'm using v3.10, but the changelog doesn't mention 
this bug:  priorities don't work.  I've tried every 
possible combination of includes and excludes that I 
can think of that will 'rip' a site of all full-size 
images without also saving thumbnails.  All of the 
thumbnails are named ala tn_*_JPG.jpg, so this little 
combination SHOULD work:  +*.jpg -tn_*.jpg  However, 
it doesn't seem to be working, as thumbnails are still 
being saved.  If it helps for your debugging purposes, 
my Primary Scan Rule (scan mode) on the Experts Only 
tab is set for "Store non html files".

Aside from this little quirk, I've grown to love your 
program dearly!  This thing is a major timesaver, and 
I thank you for all the hard work you've poured into 

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Link Inclusion/Exclusion Priorities?

04/26/2002 08:57
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