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Subject: Re: Link Inclusion/Exclusion Priorities?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/26/2002 16:56
> combination SHOULD work:  +*.jpg -tn_*.jpg

This is incorrect, and should be:
+*.jpg -*tn_*.jpg

Remember that filter checkings are based on the 
COMPLETE URL ; that is, for example,

Therefore, '-tn_*.jpg' may forbide 
<> but NOT 

> tab is set for 'Store non html files'.

This is not advised - as this option will not store 
html files, which may not be very practical

> Aside from this little quirk, I've grown to love 
> program dearly!

Thanks ;)
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04/26/2002 08:57
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04/26/2002 16:56


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