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Subject: User custom directory structure
Author: Mac
Date: 03/09/2009 22:34
Hi, I am mirroring a large forum archive (about 150-200,000 files will result).
Default structure from site will save all htmls in one flat folder. My trouble
is the sheer size. I need the resulting structure to be divided further into,
for example, one new subfolder for each 10,000 files, while all still being
navigable from the finished mirrored index pages. I've tried various ways to
change these settings, but so far I can only either get it to save all htmls
in just the one folder or each html in its own folder but then all those are
inside one folder so the end result is the same, one giant folder with too
many thousands of items. What can I do to create the intermediate level in
there that I need to keep the resulting files or subfolders at a sane count
relative to the folder they're saved in? Thanks in advance for any advice

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User custom directory structure

03/09/2009 22:34
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