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Subject: Login required web site
Author: pjo
Date: 03/24/2009 06:27
Hello. Thanks for your help !

This web site that I want to make a mirror requires to log in.

The top page has the log in boxes.
If I do not log in, I can view the public area.

If I log in, I can view the private area.  This area is the pages that I want
to make mirror.

A few weeks before, I was able to make mirror of the private section by using

But today it is not working. 

I tried to change different settings of Limits.
Maximum mirror depth to nothing, 0,1,2,3,4
Maximum external depth 1

I understand that 
if Maximum mirror depth is 1, the first page of private-area-top-page is

Is this correct ?
And shall I try capture URL ? If so how do I do capture URL ? My browser
remembers login ID and passsword so if load that private area top page, I am
automatically logged in and the top page of the private area is displayed.

BTW if I try to do capture URL Proxy address given is
fe80::c19d:1a6c:64cd:4317%8 and this proxy does not work.  I am running


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03/24/2009 06:27
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