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Subject: Re: Problem using FTP
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/06/2002 21:38
> I'm trying to get (amongst others)
> <>-
> but HTTrack says 'Bad Password (-1)'.
> Using Ethereal I see that I'm getting a '230 
> back.

I can't reach this ftp (connection refused)-
Activate the '-%H' option (in Windows gui: 
Options/experts only/activate debug mode) and send me 
the hts-ioinfo.txt ftp log file

> I've had a look into the current Beta-Code - there 
is only
> a check for the first character, which is a '2' ...

Well, yes, 2xx responses means "OKAY".
The current beta code is slightly better and cleaner 
(and handles ipv6) but the old one should work

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