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Subject: Re: Problem using FTP
Author: Ph. Marek
Date: 05/14/2002 08:14
> > 230-Hello, you are logged into  
> >  
> >    All login activity is monitored. 
> Ok problem found: some lines don't have the required 
> 230- prefix
> I will implement a hack to handle that!
I just tested beta-5 and that works - mostly :-)

You use a 'size %s' command which succeeds but then go
for a 'get "%s"' which doesn't - a file named "..."
can't be found.
Using perl I patched the executable to read that as
'get %s' and it works.

perl -e "undef $/; binmode(STDIN); binmode(STDOUT);
$_=<>; substr($_,0xcb769,3)=\"%s\0\"; print $_" < > winhttrack.exe

So - if that is not documentated as needed with some
other ftp-daemons I'd suggest to take the " out.
Or at least make it configurable.

Well, thank you!


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