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Subject: Unfair
Author: Mads Rasmussen
Date: 05/30/2009 15:18
HTTrack off-line browser, is each week hacking a site that I maintain.
This enables your  "user" to promote our articles as their own. Hereby
violating our copyrights.

This cost us money!!!!!!!!!!! and  lots of time tracking them down.


You, Mr. William Roeder (whom doesn't stand out and  covers yourself behind a
Yahoo email account - which I find dishonest - IF you really think your bot 
is okay and  legit, stand out so webmasters can deal with your bot/spider or
what ever you call it) costs a lot of money.

I really hope you have great fun, doing what you are doing.

(I wonder why you have to guard your forum massages behind  a cap....)

Hmm, I don't think you ever will do as requisted - be cause you got a little
space on the web and "your-15-minutes-of-fame".


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