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Subject: Re: Unfair
Author: Frank
Date: 06/16/2009 16:19
This is NO laughing matter, you moron.  I'm with Mads on this one, coming from
a legitimate website owner.

I've set up a website on my own, only to discover someone else have illegally
downloaded my entire website (webpages, contents, images, navigation, css, you
name it).  So for me to have spent weeks and months building my website, it is
very unethical for this perp to set up their own (not to mention, COMPETING)
website in much less time.  I've already tried contacting the perp and even
wrote to the US Copyright office about the issue.

Of course if people can do things unethically and illegally (ie. copyrighting)
with this software, then this responsibility falls upon the software author to
have prevented this in the first place.  

How would you guys like it if I use it to copy the entire HTTrack website and
make it as my own?  You don't like it?  Too bad, because I can.  Take this
software down or modify so that it requires authenticated access.  
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