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Subject: ask for more info
Author: epifanius
Date: 06/30/2009 16:17
My last question:
> But the different between them, that the incomplete
> files, weren't in the same location. There're
> complete files in some folders, while on the other
> download, there're stored incomplete.
> Is there any explanation for it?options -> spider -> Tolerant requests can
result is bogus files
options -> build -> do not purge old files can also leave bogus files on

uncheck both and update

My new message:
I usually use the default settings for downloading. I only change number of
connections to 8 in Flow Control Tab and choose site-structure, without on local structure type in Build Tab. Is it a good set?
And Mr. Roeder, I never use filter setting n I don't know how to use it.
you teach me how n where I've to put the filter on?Ex: I want to download JPG
and MP3 files only from
What should I do? I use HTTrack v3.43-2.

Thanks before

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06/30/2009 16:17
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