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Subject: Re: ask for more info
Author: William Roeder
Date: 06/30/2009 17:17
> connections to 8 in Flow Control Tab and choose
On dialup more then 2 is a waste. DSL 8+. Sites are much more sensitive to
connections/sec then the total.

> site-structure, without
> on local structure type in Build
> Tab. Is it a good set?Depends on what you want to do with the mirror. On one
site I mirror I wan't to see the images and videos, the html is useless so I
use the type X in web/XX. That way I can use the picture viewer/explorer's
play all.  On other's the structure is important separating different

> you teach me how n where I've to put the filter
> on?Ex: I want to download JPG
> and MP3 files only from n
You can not get just jpg/mp3 unless all the links are in the one starting url.
You must get the html also so Httrack can find the files.
options -> scan rules: -* +mime:text/html +*.mp3 +*.jpg

> What should I do? I use HTTrack v3.43-2.
Latest is 3.43-5 upgrade.
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