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Subject: Re: %N bug?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/10/2002 15:50
> when you choose user-defined structure, %N returns 
> filename + extension, but without the dot! (e.g., 
> somepagehtml) -- is this a bug??
Are you sure you selected the correct mask? Such as:
(option in commandline release: -N "%h%p/%n%q.%t")
The '.' between %q and %t is absolutely mandatory

> also, a feature request (i hope this is the right 
> place to post this): please add the ability to use a 
> substring of the path using regex matching or 

Err.. this might be an idea, but this is really 
specific (and how to handle images, if any, which are 
beyond the scope of the last directory, such as 
external images?)
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