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Subject: Re: %N bug?
Author: 10basetom
Date: 05/11/2002 00:58
> Are you sure you selected the correct mask? Such as:
> %h%p/%n%q.%t
> (option in commandline release: -N '%h%p/%n%q.%t')
> The '.' between %q and %t is absolutely mandatory

here are the steps that i took:

1. in winhttrack, create a project to download 

2. in options/build, select user-defined structure and 
go into options

3. in options, i entered %h%p/%N as the mask because 
according to the description %N = "Name of file 
including file type (ex: image.gif)"

4. after downloading the files, i notice that they all 
have missing dots in the filename.

if %N does not include the dot, then the description 
for %N should be changed to "(ex: imagegif)".
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