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Subject: 100 Percent CPU
Author: Chris
Date: 08/23/2009 08:37
Hi all,

Any help appreciated. When installed, WinHTTrack (current version, but I have
also tried older versions which have the exact same problem), uses up 100
percent CPU when doing a mirror. When you open it - before starting the mirror
- it is fine. When the mirror ends - it is fine. During the mirror, 100% CPU
usage and 0 text is displayed on the mirroring screen. Uninstalling and
reinstalling was no fix. Uninstalling and trying the -5 version, then
uninstalling that and trying 3.32-2 also was no fix (still 100% CPU). The
mirrors complete ok, but the not being able to tell where the mirror is up to
(because the mirroring text is not displayed), is a big problem.


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