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Subject: Slow .html indexing
Author: Paul
Date: 09/05/2009 07:01
I'm trying to mirror a fansite which the owner had basically abandoned and
ignoring us users. The site basically consists of layers of sub-directories
organized by subject and contributors and sub division of the materials.

Trying to mirror it with winhttrack with but it's taking forever just to go
through the .html files at some 5~6KB/s 

The site definitely has no problems supporting a faster transfer rate or
multiple connections. Alone, I get more than 200KB/s using a browser. 

Several of us had originally attempted to download each folder manually using
browser plugins but it proved too tedious. It'll be great even just 56K x 4
connections, but at the moment it's just crawling along at 5K x 1 connection

I've tried the disable-security-limit option but winhttrack is still going
through the files/folders slowly one by one.

There was a suggestion about adding %N0 to make winhttrack use multiple
connections for the html parsing stage. But it doesn't seem to work in the
current version 3.43-7 and the faq/manual seems to indicate %N0 does something
else: disable delay type checking instead of enabling multiple connections.

I've tried using the command line instead of the GUI but makes no difference.

Is there anyway to speed up the process? Thanks!

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