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Subject: Re: Slow .html indexing
Author: William Roeder
Date: 09/07/2009 14:54
> Isn't the the -%! flag the same as
> --disable-security-limits? 
It isn't in <> so I have no idea.

> I added it because I
> thought maybe there was some unknown internal limits
> that was forcing the html connection to one only.
Security limits are irreverent. You are not trying to go past 100 KB/S 10

> In any case, removing the -s0 and -%! didn't change
> the behaviour. 
-s0 was redundant and -%! is either irreverent or bogus. You wouldn't expect
it to change anything.

> For some reason, although it downloads the html
> files that are linked from the thumbnails/titles,
> it's not downloading actual content, i.e. full sized
> pictures or zipped documents.
Completely different problem from your -%N0
what is the staring url, what does robots.txt say, what is the url with the
actual content, what does the log file say about the image url. did you set
the log file to debug.
You don't give any information, so you can't get any answers.

> Could it be the internal depth setting? I've left
> the internal depth to default so isn't it supposed
> to be infinite?yes.
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