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Subject: About htsswf
Author: Vincent
Date: 09/06/2009 06:15
I don't know if anybody has known that : htsswf cannot extract url from
flash(swf) file which extension is php or aspx and so 


I've used httrack for a long time, and finally I check source code of
htsswf(old version, I cannot get the lastest source 

code of htsswf), look at these:
#define FILTER_SUFFIXES "htm|html|swf|jpg|jpeg|gif|mp3|wav|cfm"
I do not think it is useful cause we using httrack just want to extract all
links not only some extension.

And what makes me confusing is that: PutString function do not make any
things(it's empty routine), if it's true, then 

swf2html could work? Look at these two routine: Swf2HtmlConverter::PrintLink
and  Swf2HtmlConverterCallback::PutString

I don't know if the lastest verion fixed these, but, you know, I've tested a
simplest swf file at 

<>, it contains a link to subscribe.aspx,
but httrack with htsswf cannot work.

Could you please send us the lastest source code of htsswf project? I really
need it, thanks very much ;)

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