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Subject: Offline Web Browsing --Web Caching using HTTRACK
Author: DaveL
Date: 11/02/2009 18:45
I am curious as to if there was a way to Cache websites using this software or
another software application to record all web sites navigated to, so that
when offline and I go to a website that I have been to before, I would get a
cached offline copy to be viewed until I connect to the internet again and my
web cache is sync'd back up to the latest information.

I tried out a Squid Proxy, and its great for web caching to make pages load
much faster for frequently used websites, but if the internet connection is
not available pages can not be viewed.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated on how to make this happen

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Offline Web Browsing --Web Caching using HTTRACK

11/02/2009 18:45
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