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Subject: Re: Offline Web Browsing --Web Caching using HTTRA
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/04/2009 22:18
> I am curious as to if there was a way to Cache
> websites using this software or another software
> application to record all web sites navigated to, so
> that when offline and I go to a website that I have
> been to before, I would get a cached offline copy to
> be viewed until I connect to the internet again and
> my web cache is sync'd back up to the latest
> information.

ProxyTrack was developped for this purpose:

(not really maintained due to lack of interest, however -- but the current
release works well with Squid)
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Offline Web Browsing --Web Caching using HTTRACK

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Re: Offline Web Browsing --Web Caching using HTTRA

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