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Subject: Re: External Banner Causes Slow Local Browsing
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 05/16/2002 00:20
Take a look at the files you downloaded...there are 
probably some .js files in there, and probably one or 
more of them is intended to load the ads.  Now that 
you've got a local copy, it takes longer or times out.

The things you can do are try renaming some of the .js 
files and seeing if things are still slow loading.  If 
you can't fix it that way, start digging in the HTML 
source code for the pages you downloaded looking for 
telltale <script> sections that appear to go to ad 
sites...and remove them.

This editing sometimes works to get around javascript 
based pop-up windows, anti-copy techniques (like 
detecting the URL you are reading from and forwarding 
you to the official site if you aren't there already, 
thereby making the mirror worthless until you edit
(fix) the script.

If you've ever saved webpages from the Microsoft KB, 
there are toolbar.js files saved along with them.  
deleting toolbar.js really speeds up the viewing of 
these saved pages.
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