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Subject: Re: Delay between pages
Author: Bandit
Date: 11/26/2009 01:04
> > How to impose a delay between downloading 2
> pages,
> > or in others terms, how to stay on a page before
> > follow the inside links ? And repeat the pause on
> > the followed link.
> No such option exists. Best you can do is
> connections=1 connection/sec=1

Sounds to me like that exactly what the OP wants to do! :)

Max Cnx/Sec is under Limits in WinHTTrack options.
You can even choose less than 1.
0.1 & 0.017 are choices in the drop-down.

The max number of simultaneous connections is in the Flow Control tab.  You
*could* set that to 1 to make (*absolutely*) sure you don't appear to be
mirroring, but both settings at once are probably overkill.  Bill knows more
about this than I do, but I was under the impression that any browser
(Firefox, IE, Chrome, etc.) would make multiple simultaneous connections to a
server when loading a (single) page.

I'm thinking I would do both to "be safe" or only one to probably be able to
get away with it.  Be sure to change your Browser ID (user agent) and that
your spider is set to follow robots.txt rules if this is a concern for
whatever you are trying to mirror...

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