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Subject: Undocumented feature
Author: Scarbrow
Date: 11/26/2009 20:57
Hi, I found an old post in this forum
( with an intriguing
and very useful format for dynamically generated pages, [parameter:::]. 

I suppose many people around here know about it, but it's not in the standard
documentation. Not in the help file, not in the program on the section on
user-defined build options. Not even in the tutorial/guide for command-line
use ( 

I dearly request that this feature is documented ASAP. It was the needed
solution for my problem, and I almost abandoned the program, which is great,
because I couldn't find this on the docs. Luckily a search on the forums
brought it up. 


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Undocumented feature

11/26/2009 20:57
user-defined structure %[param:bef:aft:empt:notfd]

11/30/2009 05:34


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