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Subject: user-defined structure %[param:bef:aft:empt:notfd]
Author: Bandit
Date: 11/30/2009 05:34
> Hi, I found an old post in this forum
> <>
> with an intriguing and very useful format for
> dynamically generated pages, [parameter:::]. 
> I suppose many people around here know about it, but
> it's not in the standard documentation. Not in the
> help file, not in the program on the section on
> user-defined build options. Not even in the
> tutorial/guide for command-line use.
> <>

Agreed - this is noticeably absent in WinHTTrack, even with the F1
(context-sensitive) Help.  Once I became aware of this option:
  %[param] param variable in query string
I did a search and found detailed usage syntax here:
%[param:before:after:empty:notfound] advanced variable extraction
  param : parameter name
  before : string to prepend if the parameter was found
  after : string to append if the parameter was found
  notfound : string replacement if the parameter could not be found
  empty : string replacement if the parameter was empty
all fields, except the first one (the parameter name), can be empty

LOL in fact, just about a day before you (Scarbrow) posted this, I posted a
case where using this feature was the only solution I could think of to help
with a certain mirror:

Very, VERY useful, indeed!

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user-defined structure %[param:bef:aft:empt:notfd]

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