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Subject: Using text file to mirror multiple urls
Author: Pascal
Date: 12/09/2009 23:35

I could not find anything useful that works on the version installed on my
machine (

I would like to use the "-%L" option to download URLs specified in a text
file, without success. Typing the URL directly in the command line (with a
*.bat file) works fine so at least part of the syntax is correct.

What I type is:
[httrack -%L C:/Programme/WinHTTrack/Test.txt -O "D:/Downloads/" -r20000 -R5]
and the file is simply a list of URLs in the form:

The logfile gives some clues that part of the command is not interpreted
correctly, but I do not know which ones:
(httrack -/Programme/WinHTTrack/Test.txt -O D:/Downloads/ -r20000 )]
Are some quotation marks missing in the command or in the text file?
To add to the confusion, everything works from the windows GUI (with the same
textfile) and the logfile gives a similar command line, but I cannot bring
this version not to download far more than I want it to, which is the reason
why I'd like to use the "DOS" version.

Any help appreciated.

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12/09/2009 23:35
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