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Subject: Re: Using text file to mirror multiple urls
Author: William Roeder
Date: 12/10/2009 00:37
> What I type is:
> [httrack -%L C:/Programme/WinHTTrack/Test.txt -O
> "D:/Downloads/" -r20000 -R5]
> and the file is simply a list of URLs in the form:
> [
> <>]
> The logfile gives some clues that part of the
> command is not interpreted correctly, but I do not
> know which ones:
> [-/Programme/WinHTTrack/Test.txt
> (httrack -/Programme/WinHTTrack/Test.txt -O
> D:/Downloads/ -r20000 )]
> Are some quotation marks missing in the command or
> in the text file?Url format is <protocol://host/path/file.ext> So you want
You may need it quoted (definitely if it had spaces EG "C:/program
likewise for the text file.
You may need the -%L after the url (I don't know.)

> To add to the confusion, everything works from the
> windows GUI (with the same textfile) and the logfile
> gives a similar command line, but I cannot bring...
The hts-cache/doit.log is almost a drop in to batch file. (just have to use
proper quotes, IE DOS.bat: double all percents.)
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Using text file to mirror multiple urls

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Re: Using text file to mirror multiple urls

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