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Subject: Relative vs. Absolute
Author: Paul R
Date: 12/18/2009 17:48
I thought that it would be a simple process to take my dynamic website, make it
static, and move it to an archive website name.  

I entered the domain name, pretty much used all the default settings, and ran
it.  What I got was pretty close, but the more I make changes, the more I get
further from what I am trying to get.

So, I entered <> for the URL and "D:\scraped" for
the base path.  It created:


So, I created a new website ( and set the local path to the
newly created.  Everything worked pretty good.  All my pages converted from
friendly URLs to actual HTML files, all the linking was good, etc.  It looked
like the only problem was with the images.  None of the images are displaying. 
They seemed to put them in a folder at:


and in the code, the src field for images read something like:


So, it's trying to move up a directory level.  So, I took the content
directory and moved it to the root directory listed above.  No luck.  Still
broken images.

I'm hoping I'm close but have the wrong setting.  Any suggestions?

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12/18/2009 17:48
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