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Subject: Broken Links in my Mirror
Author: Hezequiel
Date: 03/09/2010 00:14
Hello friends,

For some days now (actually, a couple of weeks), I have been trying to mirror
a website using HTTrack with a certain degree of success, but a lot of broken
links remain. I tried to consult the FAQ and the user's guide to the best of
my comprehension but I haven't yet found the solution. I would appreciate it
if someone here could lend me a hand!

Here's the command I am using:

httrack "" -O "f:/temp/Mysite" -%! -A200000000
-c20"+**" -*.mp3 -v 

First of all, I am aware of the dangers of removing security measures, but in
this case, it's the server in which the site is hosted that's making the
mirror; so, I can afford to remove them!

The problem I have is that I have quite a few open links, manifested in two

1) When a page is in a level lower than the root, it doesn't download unless
it's an index.html page. For example, suppose I have a folder "recipes" with
the files "index.html" and "cake.html" inside:

The mirror grabs correctly the file index.html, but in the case of cake.html,
I get the following files (The numbers I used are random):


In practice, it means that when I have a link to cake.html in my mirror, it
doesn't work!

2) Sometimes, certain files are downloaded but they are left inside a folder
called "rwsmsh", which also makes for a broken link. Suppose the index from
the last example. Whereas in the server it would be like this:

In my local mirror, it gets converted into this:



I thought I must be doing something wrong with my filters, but I couldn't make
out what is it out of the FAQ/Userguide/logs. Could somebody lend me a hand,
Thank you in advance,

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