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Subject: large site preformance issues
Author: Dave
Date: 03/28/2010 03:41
I'm still getting used to HTTrack here, but I'm seeing performance issues that
I didn't expect downloading from my large web site.  Could easily be

The issue I'm seeing is that at first, I see many threads & connections
download and performance is pretty good.  Then the number of threads seems to
decline and within 30 minutes the number of connections never rises above 1
and transfer rate declines to less than 1K/sec.

This is all on pretty heavy corporate iron (client & server) with at least
100Mb/Sec LAN end-to-end running off-hours so I don't think hardware
performance or load is a problem (working this weekend, yep.)

I'm using the latest 3.43-9C.  Currently I'm testing with unmodified default
scan rules & options.

I was hoping to get the site mirrored by the end of the weekend, so any help
would be really appreciated.

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