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Subject: Very Well Done Authors of WinHTTrack !
Author: David W.
Date: 05/28/2002 17:05
Greetings to the Staff of WinHTTrack:

Having been using Black Widow for about a year now I can 
easily say it is about the most complex website copier I 
have ever used.  It has an error in it that if you abort 
anytime during it's operation and try to continue or start 
a new one later, it says there are no files in the website.

While your program is not as easy as LEECH it is Freeware 
which does very well in my heart as I, too, for better then 
10 years have been working on my own project and it too, is 
Freeware.  :)

The display is designed for 800x600 which not everyone is 
using (such as myself) which is 640x480.

None of the (Next) or (Back) buttons show up initially in 
the window until you scroll the window to see them.  It 
took me a good 15 minutes to realize that not seeing any 
button just marked Enter URL and Go.  :)

If the project is still open and you are open to 
suggestions, please set it so it has a simple entry mode:

What is the URL: (smart memory like the browser should auto-
fill in a site like the Address field in IE6)  I had to 
clip to clipboard every time one website with different 
paths as I just wanted =3= of them and no more.

Option to SAVE AS .. In every case, I was just going to 
modify an existing template to get the 3 areas I needed.
Instead I had to create 3 separate files.

What Media do you want:

(1) Entire Site  (2) HTML only
(3) Pictures     (4) Audio/Music  (5) PKZips only
(6) Custom (option to add a new type)

If you selected 3, 4, or 5, it would NOT create a directory 
structure at all and store the raw files of:

(3) .BMP, .PNG, .GIF, .JPG
(4) .MID, .WAV, .Mp3, .MDI
(5) .ZIP

directly in the directory asked (next question)
if the file exists, it intelligently auto-renames the file 
Chrono Cross.MID
Chrono Cross(2).MID, etc.

Where shall this be placed ?  (Path)

* G O ! *

If aborted, it needs to be a little smarter and recognize 
when it downloads the same HTML file when continuing and 
not to check to see if it has that file.
While this may be useful for sites that update their 
INDEX.HTML daily, not everyone does, and the IE6 browser 
still seems to be smart enough to know what media and files 
it has already loaded in its cache to speed up the process 
of showing that webpage.

It can use a look-up table to know beforehand what was 
already downloaded so it doesn't need to individually check 
from server to local to see what it needs to do next.

* That's all from here !
Thank You for one very useful and good program that will 
help in the work I do for Scenario !

To see 25+ screenshots of my own RPGMaker project which I 
have finished and you can make entire worlds in it at this 
time, you can click here:

=David W=
(Home of 100% Freeware Scenario RPGMaker 2002!)

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Very Well Done Authors of WinHTTrack !

05/28/2002 17:05
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