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Subject: Re: Very Well Done Authors of WinHTTrack !
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/28/2002 20:38
> Greetings to the Staff of WinHTTrack:

Hi :)

> The display is designed for 800x600 which not everyone is 
> using (such as myself) which is 640x480.

Humm yes.. this is a problem, as I did not find any simple 
way to get a clean interface working on both 640X480 and 
>1280X1024 (it is either too small for 1280, or too large 
for 640). Everything is coded using VC++ MFC's, and moving 
a single object is really a pain.

> What is the URL: (smart memory like the browser should 
> fill in a site like the Address field in IE6)  I had to 
> clip to clipboard every time one website with different 
> paths as I just wanted =3= of them and no more.

Note: You can also drag&drop URLs in the HTTrack URL box 
from IE or Netscape, which may be useful :)

> What Media do you want:
> (1) Entire Site  (2) HTML only
> (3) Pictures     (4) Audio/Music  (5) PKZips only
> (6) Custom (option to add a new type)

This is almost dont in Options/Scan Rules.. but maybe in a 
less clearer way

> Chrono Cross.MID
> Chrono Cross(2).MID, etc.

Yes - except that httrack renames them using -2, -3 and so 
on.. (Chrono Cross-2.MID, Chrono Cross-3.MID..)

> If aborted, it needs to be a little smarter and recognize 
> when it downloads the same HTML file when continuing and 
> not to check to see if it has that file.

Well, if interrupting, you should use 'Continue..' and 
not 'Update..' (update will check remotely all files, 
continue will only use caches data).
Besides, the engine has an 'update hack' implemented, which 
attempt, DURING UPDATES, not to redownload twice an up-to-
date file. This sometimes fails (especially with 
dynamically generated html), and there isn't any workaround 
(you can see that the two files (old/new) were identical.. 
once you ave downloaded the new one)

> Thank You for one very useful and good program that will 
> help in the work I do for Scenario !

Thanks :)

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