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Subject: scanning is very slow sometimes
Author: meagle
Date: 04/22/2010 20:14
I'm not a native englisch speaker, so please forgive me my errors if they are
not too bad.

I'm trying out this program and find it really useful. I will use it as an
extension of 'Downthemall' for firefox in case that the files are too nested.
It works fine at all, but there are some things that confuse me a little bit.
At first the program set the connection speed and number of connections at max
100kb/s and 4 connections simultaneously. After it started working I'm able to
change that, but why does it do that? Is it for people who don't consider
slower sites, or does it has other reasons?At second the scanning on some
pages on a website take a lot of time without much bandwith or cpu usage. Is
it possible to scan more than one page simultaneously?I figured out, that
sometimes the server has a great latency, but on single files up to 700kb/s
which is my maximum bandwith, so it seems not to be a problem of that.

Or is there maybe an cpu/harddisk overload on the server that causes the
latency before starting to transfer a file?
Thanks for help and of course this great tool :)

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04/22/2010 20:14
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