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Subject: Re: scanning is very slow sometimes
Author: William Roeder
Date: 04/23/2010 01:27
> I'm not a native englisch speaker

> number of connections at max 100kb/s and 4
> connections simultaneously. After it started working
> I'm able to change that, but why does it do that? 
I assume you mean you can not change it. 100kb/s 4 con is the maximum values
without the security_limits flag.
That is to protect the site. Higher than that may trigger a denial of service
limit and shut the user down or could crash the site.

> usage. Is it possible to scan more than one page
> simultaneously?That was the default in the 3.3x but changed in 3.4x.
There is a flag to use the old, unsafe method, but I have never been able to
get it to work.

> I figured out, that sometimes the server has a great
> latency, but on single files up to 700kb/s which is
> my maximum bandwith, so it seems not to be a problem
> of that.
most servers can send files at maximum bandwidth. the problem is handleing the
request and finding the files. Expecially the html which can be generated on
the fly using a database, etc.
This is another reason for the max security limits.
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