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Subject: not listening to directory rules
Author: Steve
Date: 05/31/2002 05:48

Was gathering the site <>, 
using stay on address, only go down travel options. 
However, <>, /pub, and other 
links were followed. Even links that were html.

The problem with this is that 
<> is actually 
<> - I think 
httrack is seeting /paftad as a toplevel resource, and 
therefore thinks it can go anywhere on the toplevel. This 
isn't the case, and as a result my usual ~ 20 files became 
a faire few more :)

Is this a bug, or should we take more care with the 
starting url? When I fully qualified the starting url, the 
links higher up were correctly ignored. Log output:
13:36:07        Debug:  upper link canceled:
13:36:07        Debug:  (wizard) cancelled foreign domain 
link: link at

running httrack v3.16, on rh linux 7.2.

options used: /usr/bin/httrack 
<> -
O "/pandasworking/30005/20020531" -zfI0A60000c12tx%xb1%sqZ%
Hr50M1000000000E172800%Pnp3Da -j -%A standard -%U pandora -
#Z -

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not listening to directory rules

05/31/2002 05:48
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