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Subject: Re: not listening to directory rules
Author: Leto
Date: 05/31/2002 06:12
> Was gathering the site <>, 
> using stay on address, only go down travel options. 

It's interesting because a GET string of "/paftad" technically does not ask
for a folder by that name.  It is asking for a file at the root level of the
domain called "paftad".  Folders must end in a "/" to be correct.

When you go to the above address, the server checks if a file called "paftad"
exists, and since it doesn't it checks if it's a folder name.  This is the
case, so it sends a 301 error saying to permanently redirect.

Actually, in HTTrack v3.20-b9, the new.txt does not mention this 301

I believe the program is working correctly though, as the URL pointed to is a
'file', not a directory (we know we want a directory, but the server tells us
the correct URL).  And as a 'file', is belongs to "" and go
move down anywhere from that domain.

That's my thoughts anyway ;-)
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