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Subject: HTTrack cannot handle?!
Author: Tom
Date: 06/02/2002 09:45
HTTrack has mirrored two sites - and - and whole sites are stored on my 
hard drive. But it seems that those two sites 
has 'something' that HTTrack cannot download! Why am i 
saying that? Becouse only the home page (first page) of 
those two sites can be viewed when click on a link in 
index.html and whenever I click on some link within that 
first page of the site - I get the message 'the page cannot 
be displayed' even that whole site is mirrored and stored 
on my hard drive!!! Like those pages that are mirrored and 
stored are not linked among themselves!!!
I would be thankful if someone could download a little bit 
of those two sites and try to see and explain me what is 
wrong, and what those two sites have that HTTrach cannot 

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