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Subject: Bug causing recopying?
Author: Biep
Date: 07/29/2010 19:25
Could it be that certain redirected files are unnecessarily recopied when
continuing an interrupted mirror?I remarked that certain files were always
redownloaded on continuing or updating an existing mirror, and for these files
I found the following in new.txt: 

18:29:57	0/0	---MC-	302	error ('Moved%20Temporarily')	text/html
e:/i/	(from
18:37:29	2173854/2173854	---M--	200	added ('OK')	mime/type
e:/i/	(from

So I wonder whether the fact that the download ends up somewhere else causes
these redownloads.

Thanks for one very useful tool, though!


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Bug causing recopying?

07/29/2010 19:25
Re: Bug causing recopying?

07/29/2010 22:11
Re: Bug causing recopying?

07/29/2010 23:50
It is a bug - Xavier!

07/31/2010 19:02


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