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Subject: Re: Bug causing recopying?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 07/29/2010 22:11
> Could it be that certain redirected files are
> unnecessarily recopied when continuing an
> interrupted mirror?Anything not already processed at the time of
interruption has been lost from the cache and will always be redownloaded.

> I remarked that certain files were always
> redownloaded on continuing or updating an existing

Dynamic content (content created on the fly) always has a newer timestamp and
is always redownloaded.
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Bug causing recopying?

07/29/2010 19:25
Re: Bug causing recopying?

07/29/2010 22:11
Re: Bug causing recopying?

07/29/2010 23:50
It is a bug - Xavier!

07/31/2010 19:02


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