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Subject: very large file (>13GB)
Author: Dingens
Date: 11/05/2010 11:19
I'm trying to copy the files of the following site:

(It's german, and (legally) allows to look up some important laws online - all
i want is to be able to use this service offline).

My Problem is, that HTrack now runs for almost 3 days now 24h/day, and already
copied about 13GB - but still if I open the website with HTrack in my Browser,
there are many Sites not aviable (but some work).
HTrack says it has written 45000 files, and worked 4000/50000 (+46000) (what
do these numbers mean?)

I think the problem is the navigation of this website with all its dummies,
the hyperlinks are all very long and complicated and i'm unable to find out
how i might have to change my filter to make htrack copy only the needed files
- I'm afraid it copys the same site multiple times cause its hyperlink is
There were no errors occuring during runtime.

Is there any possibility to change my options/filters to decrease estimated
download time and file size? Is just "wait" a possible option, so it's just a
matter of time and HDD-size (which wouldn't be a problem)?
Thank you very much, and sorry for my lousy english - I'm from Germany, as you
might have found out, and did my best.

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