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Subject: Re: very large file (>13GB)
Author: William Roeder
Date: 11/05/2010 15:01
> <>
> i?chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68&chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68&te
> mplateID=gliederung&tree_ordner_id=0000024:RootID&
> HTrack says it has written 45000 files, and worked
> 4000/50000 (+46000) (what do these numbers mean?)
What is the meaning of the Links scanned: 12/34 (+5) line in
WinHTTrack/WebHTTrack? - <>

> copy only the needed files - I'm afraid it copys the
> same site multiple times cause its hyperlink is
> different? 
Yes. HTT can't know the links go to the same page so it downloads each.

> Is there any possibility to change my
> options/filters to decrease estimated download time
> and file size? Is just "wait" a possible option, so
> it's just a matter of time and HDD-size (which
> wouldn't be a problem)?Each link on the start page is in the form:
<> justizportal_nrw.cgi?
chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& templateID=gliederung&

The sessionID requires you mirror the entire site in one go. Otherwise it'll
get a new sessionID, download the new links and delete all the previous.

On the document level there is the hierarchy links:
<> justizportal_nrw.cgi?
chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& templateID=document& source=tree&
chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& highlighting=off& xid=3321169,2&
and the next page navigation links: <>
justizportal_nrw.cgi? chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& templateID=document&
source=lawnavi& chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& xid=3321169,3&
Thus, you could remove the navigational links by: -*lawnavi*

Also on each page are various options. 
The view all: <>?
chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& templateID=document& source=document&
chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& xid=166694,3& task=chose_fliesstext&
filter -*chose_filesstext*
The view full screen: <>?
chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& templateID=vollbild_fliesstext&
filter: -*vollbild_fliesstext*
The pdf: <>?
chosenIndex=Dummy_nv_68& templateID=chtmltopdf& law=1&
filter: -*chtmltopdf*
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