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Subject: Re: Missing feature
Author: Walter
Date: 12/04/2010 10:32
The way of working you're explaining is ok and also the one I use for normal
I'm talking about abnormal situations, as an example websites which have been
parked away for archiving and wherein not URL's have been corrected.

As en example, let's assume whe have an original website with the structure
the webpages have references to pictures in

That website (pages and PIC's !!!) has been moved to
\ArchivePages. Via another path, everything is available (downloaded) but the
references in the Pages are wrong.

With the translation suggestion I made these links would be corrected. In fact
this is exactly the same functionality as the existing url-relocation already
used, except that the source is a table and is executed before execution of
the normal url-relocation

It's not something to be used every day, but would be of great help under
certain circumstances, the more it's not that difficult to implement.

Actually one would have to modify the url's in the pages manually, which is
not a problem, except that the wevsite can not be refreshed any more !
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