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Subject: Re: Missing feature
Author: William Roeder
Date: 12/04/2010 14:03
> As en example, let's assume whe have an original
> website with the structure
> Pages
> the webpages have references to pictures in
> PagesPics
> That website (pages and PIC's !!!) has been moved
> to
> ArchivePages. Via another path, everything is
> available (downloaded) but the references in the
> Pages are wrong.
The website should have had relative references.

> With the translation suggestion I made these links
> would be corrected. In fact this is exactly the same
> functionality as the existing url-relocation already
> used, except that the source is a table and is
> executed before execution of the normal
> url-relocation
The person making the move should have fixed the references.
You don't use a hammer to put screws in wood.
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