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Subject: Non Printable Chars
Author: The Updater
Date: 04/29/2001 20:17
I'm using WinHTTrack 3.00 RC8 and have had some 
problems with a page containing tab chars (09h). Can 
it handle unexpanded tab chars? (I've have not 
examined the source code to HTTrack!) The page 
downloaded by WinHTTrack and page downloaded manually 
differ. The page downloaded by WinHTTrack have fewer 
CR chars (0Dh). A sequence of (CR, LF, TAB) is 
translated to (LF, TAB). (CR, LF, CR, LF, CR, LF) is 
translated to (LF, LF, LF, CR, LF). Can this be the 
reason why WinHTTrack doesn't follow the links from 
the page with tab chars?
TAB = 09h, 09d
LF  = 0Ah, 10d
CR  = 0Dh, 13d


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04/29/2001 20:17
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