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Subject: Re: Non Printable Chars
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/29/2001 20:34
> I'm using WinHTTrack 3.00 RC8 and have had some 
> problems with a page containing tab chars (09h). Can 
> it handle unexpanded tab chars? (I've have not 

Well, tabs in which parts? Characters in non-tag zones 
(that is, tabs that aren't between <>) should be okay. 
Tabs and CR/LF in source location might be a problem, 
like in

<a href=[tab]"foo.html">
<a href=

But this sounds strange - I just checked some various 
cases and it is okay (tabs after/before "")
Can you send me an html source which causes some 
(BTW - The 3.01 release is available ;) )
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