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Subject: Re: download is very slow
Author: Miroslaw
Date: 01/21/2011 11:51
I also have the problem with download speed. I even compared how long will it
take to download the same site using HTTrack and Teleport Pro, and the results
are awful for HTTrack. In its case, I waited like 1,5 days to complete the
download. Teleport Pro did it in a couple of ours. If I run HTTrack it informs
me about 20-30KBs of download speed per file at maximum, where Teleport shows
(and uses) the value of over 250KBs, where 256KBs is the limit for my 2Mbps
cable connection.
I made sure no limits are applied in the HTTrack project settings (download
speed is 25000 by default; I turned off that).
So it can't be DoS in my case.
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