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Subject: Re: download is very slow
Author: Jared
Date: 03/19/2011 00:56
Likewise here..

First time user of HTTrack, and got to grips with the experienced options
pretty quickly.

However, the download speed is the only drawback .....  Its a joke downloading
at 20-30k per seconds, when i can download files from the same server via the
their web form at 400+ . This is with limits set.

Although, i see by default HTTrack limits at 25000 ... Could this be the cause
? Its one thing imposing a "forced" limit. Its another when experienced users
know what they are doing..and can adjust with ease, "knowing" the boundaries.

What is the reason for this ?  Is it the "phasing" of files that does it ?
It take take me few moths, but hey :) No hurry...... I guess the engine is not
that speedy.

The only thing about HTTrack is what is does, and does well, but at the cost
of slow speed.....  you can't win em all :)
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